Community Outreach & Service

   Giving back to her community is something that Judge Bluth takes seriously, both in her professional and personal life.  As a career prosecutor she fought hard to help victims of violent crimes find justice.  In her personal life, Judge Bluth works with different members in our community to make sure all community members’ needs are met.


   Judge Bluth was previously the gospel doctrine teacher at her church.  She is currently the president of the primary where she helps teach and mentor children from 18 months to age 10.  She also works within a group at her church in providing various services to those in our community.  The group regularly volunteers in community cleanup projects, provides clothing and necessities to several shelters, including but not limited to women and children shelters.  They also regularly provide school supplies, coats, and backpacks to children in need.  In August of 2018, they held a “Humanitarian Day.”  For this project, they picked eight (8) different charities in our community to focus on and help.  The charities they worked with that specific year and donated to were Lullaby Connection, Project Linus, Ryan’s Case for Smiles, Womens Cancer Center, Lighthouse Charities, Spread the Word Nevada, Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, and Sole Hope.


   There is a very special victim and his family that Judge Bluth and her family have grown very attached to.  This child (JC) was the victim of child abuse on two (2) different occasions.  After the first time he was injured a wonderful woman by the name of Paula became his foster parent.  The child had sustained a traumatic brain injury and doctors were not sure how he would recover.  Paula took him to every doctor and therapy appointment and worked with him endlessly in her home.  To doctors’ disbelief, she nursed the toddler back to perfect health.  JC was then returned to his natural parents after it was determined he would be safe back in the home.  Tragically, JC was physically abused again and sustained another traumatic brain injury.  Hospital staff contacted Paula to come down to the hospital to say goodbye to JC because they believed he would not survive.  Again, to JC’s credit, he did survive, however, sadly the injuries were too serious this time to make a full recovery.   This injury left the toddler legally blind and deaf, paralyzed from the waist down, unable to communicate, and he is fed and hydrated through a gastrointestinal tube.  When asked if she would adopt him, Paula not only did not hesitate to adopt him but also adopted his sister as well.  After this case was over and completely closed, Judge Bluth’s family “adopted” this saint of a woman and her two (2) adopted children.  They provide the children with school clothes each year, and then provide them with gifts on their Christmas lists.  Additionally, in the fall of 2016, JC and his entire special needs class were invited to the Special Olympics that were being held at a local casino.  The class did not have enough money to send the students to the event due to lack of transportation so Paula called Judge Bluth asking for help.  Judge Bluth raised enough money through friends and members of her church to send the entire class to the event. 


  In 2019, it became very difficult for Paula to get JC as well as his wheelchair into her vehicle.  It became obvious to Judge Bluth that the family needed a wheel chair assessable vehicle.  Judge Bluth created a “Go Fund Me” page entitled “Wheels for Joel” and the local news covered the story in a two-part series that not only discussed JC’s needs but also brought awareness to child abuse.  Overnight, our community donated not one but TWO vans and over $60,000 to this wonderful and very deserving family.  


  Recently, JC’s school implemented a scholastic garden where children at the elementary school can go to learn outside in a classroom that is setup in the garden.  Sadly, the area was difficult for the children in wheelchairs to access so the school asked for help in making the garden wheelchair accessible.  Judge Bluth is working with a local business in our community and the garden should be wheelchair assessable by Spring.


  Recently, Judge Bluth was appointed to the Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice where individuals from different backgrounds and professions work together to improve the criminal justice system.


Judge Bluth also volunteers her time to coaching her children’s basketball and baseball teams.

Paid for by the Committee to Retain Judge Jacqueline M. Bluth

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